...a cuppa joe for every moment

BAD DOG: Our dark roast in honour of Joe. The coffee that started it all. A smoked, woody roast with subtle fruits waaaaaayyy at the end of the alley.

BEST IN SHOW: Joe goes to grad school, and comes back with an espresso spring in his step.

GOTTA GO: Enjoy while you stand at the back door, waiting for his royal canine highness to finish his business. Gotta Go has a nutty aroma in the bag and brews into a lighter, smooth cuppa with the aroma of morning's sun-baked earth.

DIGGIN IT: Because you are waiting for above mentioned buddy to finish turning around and around and around.... you don't have time to grind it yourself, but still want the same toasted, juicy cup of Joe.

NEUTERED DOG: It is VERY good.. Which is great, because it better be with no caffiene in it.

MUZZLED: Yep, holding back the buzz so you can sit still to work.

MIXED MUTT: for the slightly indecisive

SLED DOG JUICE: Joe's first limited edition seasonal blend. A spicy, bold picker-upper to keep your paws warm.

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