Luciano and Heloisa had always been passionate about coffee. In fact, it is in their blood.

Luciano's grandfather owned a small coffee farm in Brazil and Heloisa's Gramma was an artisan coffee roaster both leaving in a small village in that country. With their grandparents and at a young age, they learned about the different types of beans, the roasting process, and how to welcome people with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Their lives were intertwined with coffee trees, the heady fragrance of ripened beans, and the crackling sound of beans roasting at the kitchen wood stove. 

Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, with lots of hope, a few suitcases, and their six-year-old son, they embarked on a journey to Canada, leaving behind their families and everything they knew. They settled in Ottawa, fueled by determination to integrate, contribute, and build a new life in a city they love and call it home

Ten years after landing in Canada, holding tight to the memories and knowledge gained from picking and roasting coffee beans, the couple finally had the opportunity to pursue their long-held dream of owning a coffee business. With the encouragement and support of friends, they knew it was time to transform their vision into a reality. In addition to creating employment opportunities for many other families, they tapped into their heritage and leveraged local expertise to create some of Ottawa's most extraordinary coffee blends.

  • Luciano Heloisa, and Winnie

    We are passionate coffee enthusiasts and proud owners of Joe the Dog . With a keen eye for quality and a deep respect for the craft, we take great pride in every step of the coffee-making process.

  • Winnie

    Meet our sweet three-legged Winnie, she keeps us motivated at Joe The Dog. Winnie had a long journey to Canada but found a new home and lots of love as part of our family in Ottawa.

With more than 16 years in the coffee business (retail and wholesale), facing the daily challenges common to small businesses, the impacts of a pandemic, their business stands as a testament to owner’s resilience, hard work, the dedication of their staff, the support and loyalty of many customers.

Next time you visit your favorite grocery store, look for the Joe the Dog Coffee. And as you reach for that bag of Joe the Dog Coffee, know you hold more than roasted beans; you are grasping stories of determination, shared values, and the flavor of a community united.

When you're craving a delicious cup of coffee that also supports a good cause, remember Joe the Dog Coffee - because brewing great coffee at home never tasted so good!